Fat Loss Factor Review

My Take on The Fat Loss Factor – An Honest Review

Hey! I’m Megan. I decided to try out the Fat loss Factor program a little over a year ago, and boy I’m glad I did! I had failed at so many weight-loss programs that “guaranteed” quick results in no time at all. Remember the “all-liquid” diet? Oh yeah, I tried that! The “no-carb” diet..I tried that too. When I’d already given up, I was introduced to the Fat Loss Factor Program through a friend’s success with the program. A year later, I have a body I’m proud of and a new-found love for life. I think its important to encourage others who are similar to me, so I decided to write my honest review about this great program.

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What Is the Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Program is a 12-week comprehensive diet and exercise program, which was created by Dr. Charles Livingston and his wife. With its 3 different weight loss plans, the Fat Loss Factor Program is catered towards everyone, no matter your weight, age, or physical ability. This is one of the main reasons the plan was ideal for me to start with. I had done little physical exercise in the years before finding Fat Loss Factor and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Luckily for me, the Fat Loss Factor Program has three different fat loss plans.

Overview of the Fat Loss Factor Program

Comprehensive Fat Loss

Steady fat loss plan: for those who still want to eat some of their favorite foods, and are not able to do strenuous physical exercise.

Quick fat loss plan : designed for those people who are willing to cut back on most of the unhealthy foods they enjoy, and are able to take part in moderate levels of physical exercise.

Turbo Fat Loss plan : for those who are willing to cut back on all unhealthy foods, and are able to take part in strenuous physical activity and intensive dieting.

When you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll be give a 12 week program which is broken down for you into 3 distinct phases.

Weight Loss Program

CheckMaster Cleanse (3-10 Days)

The master cleanse phase is focused on ridding your body of all toxins built up over months or even years of eating unhealthy foods. This phase will allow your liver to return to functioning normally, which will greatly increase the ability of your body to shed fat and also fully digest the nutrients you’ll be intaking from phase 2.

Note: Though recommended for all 3 fat loss plans, the Master Cleanse Phase is not a requirement for the Steady Fat Loss Plan and the Quick Fat Loss Plan. It is, however, highly recommended for those following the Turbo Fat Loss Plan.

CheckRaw/Alkaline Food Diet (1 to 2 weeks)

Don’t let the title scare you! This phase is not as hard as it first seems, and after just the third day I felt more energized than I had ever been before. Although this phase focuses on raw foods that are full of nutrients and fat burning enzymes (such as fruits and vegetables) you’ll still be encouraged to eat other forms of food including carbs and meat (just a little less than usual!). When you complete this stage, your immune system will be strengthened and your body’s ability to burn fat and intake vital nutrients will be much stronger than when you began the program.

CheckStructured Phase (9-11 weeks)

The structured phase will take over the majority of the 12-week program and you’ll see most of your results in this period. This phase utilizes two main fat-burning techniques shown to result in great weight-loss:

1. Small but frequent meals: many people think that simply eating less will result in greater weight-loss, but like many things in life, its just not that simple. The Fat Loss Factor Program suggests 5 small meals a day so that your body’s digestive system is constantly working, you wont feel full during the day, and your body is in taking enough vital nutrients to burn fat 24 hours a day! Here’s a sample meal plan that I used when I was following the program:

Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch
Scrambled eggs
1 orangeAfternoon
Apple pieces with almond
butter spread (if you
havent tried this, its YUM!)Dinner
Veggie-Chicken whole-
wheat wrap
Raw carrots and hummus
Salmon breast
Rice pilaf

2. Cheat Day: One of my favorite things about the program was the cheat day. I always found conventional dieting programs to be too strict and tough to follow after a week or two. Most people will plan their cheat day to be on a Sunday, and it acts as a great motivational tool and reward to finish the week. Now I know what you’re thinking, the Cheat Day is just there to please us, but its not! There is a scientific approach behind everything in this program, so let me explain.

Our bodies are constantly adapting to the environment we’re in. For example, when I jump into a swimming pool, my first thought is “Yikes! It’s freezing in here”. Our bodies then go to work trying to warm us up, and after a short amount of time it no longer feels as cold. Sound Familiar? Well, our bodies work the same way when it comes to dieting. When we initially jump into a diet program, our bodies don’t know what hit them and it goes to work trying to find the energy sources that its used to. When it can’t find these energy sources, it begins to burn fat cells for energy, and this is where we lose weight. However, much like the cold temperature of the swimming pool, our bodies begin to get used to our dieting program, and it gradually burns less and less fat. When we add in a cheat day once a week, however, it tricks our body into thinking that we’re back on our normal fatty food diet and allows us to keep benefitting from the high amount of fat-burning our body goes through during the start of the dieting phases.

One thing worth mentioning here is that I knew nothing about how weight loss worked before. During the Fat Loss Factor Program, Dr. Charles Livingston not only explains how to lose weight, but why it works and the processes behind it. Don’t worry, if you’re not interested in learning about the science you can easily skip over this section, but I found it very beneficial for myself, and have been able to use this knowledge to continue on a healthy lifestyle ever since.

The Program also includes a list of 15 foods you should include in your meals (such as oatmeal, brown rice, yogurt, protein powder), and a list of 15 foods you shouldn’t include in your meals (such as pastries, alcohol, white bread, deep fried food).
During Phase 3, you are advised to follow these important 5 rules:

1. Drink lots of water.
2. Try to eat most of your calories earlier in the day
3. Keep meals small but frequent
4. Eat one raw food (carrots, apples, oranges, celery, etc) per meal
5. Have a cheat day once a week (yay!)

Exercise Program

In order to successfully lose weight, you’ll need to exercise too. For me, this was always the toughest. With 2 kids, aged 5 and 8, I was never able to find the hour-needed that typical weight-loss programs recommended. Dr. Charles understands that not everyone has the time, and has structured an exercise program that takes only 15 minutes. Everyone has 15 minutes to spare at some point during the day! Depending on your fitness level, you will choose between the following three workout plans:
-Beginner workout:
-Intermediate workout:
-Advanced workout:

The program focuses on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which cuts down exercise time and maximizes your fat-burning potential. This includes exercises like jump rope, hill climbs, treading running, and even swimming. In the material, Dr. Charles explains the multiple benefits of using HIIT as opposed to conventional exercise techniques.

- Improve you lifestyle as a whole. Have more energy, lose weight, and feel more confident about yourself. - The initial detox weeks can be tough at first. But who ever said losing weight was easy?
- The program provides a complete guide for everything. Including goal setting, stress management, and even grocery lists! - Commitment is required for dieting and exercise. If you don’t follow the program properly, you wont see the changes I saw.
- The program is very easy to understand - There is a lot of scientific information that can sometimes be confusing (but don’t worry, you can skip this part and it wont affect your diet!)
- The price is very affordable. Its cheaper than a meal at a good steakhouse! - There is a lot of scientific information that can sometimes be confusing (but don’t worry, you can skip this part and it wont affect your diet!)
- Exercise routines are easy to follow and don’t take up much of your precious time.
- Because of its success, the program offers a 60-day money back guarantee!
- The program doesn’t just help you lose weight, it teaches you how to keep the weight off.
- The program allows a cheat day so you can eat whatever you’ve been craving!

What Does the Fat Loss Factor Program Include?

This program comes with 90 days of interesting fat burning recipes, a grocery list to help you lose fat, Master Cleanse videos, workout plans for beginners, intermediates and advanced users and software which can offer you healthier dining out options etc.

The program contains over $350 dollars worth of extras (For only $47):

The Fat Loss Factor E-Book FooJoo software
Easy Weght Loss Workout Plans Easy to follow Grocery Lists
Exercise logs Goal setting guide
Master cleanse videos Fat Loss Factor measurement forms
Easy but powerful 15 min workouts Delicious and Healthy Recipes

Still Not Convinced?

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Final Verdict?

I can honestly say that the Fat Loss Factor Program changed my life. When I reached the point of believing that I’d never be happy with my own body, I used my last ounce of courage to give the Fat Loss Factor program a try. The Program itself covered every aspect of weight-loss and was able to walk me through it in simple, easy to understand steps. My favourite aspects of the Fat Loss Factor Program are:

Check The ability to follow it even with the busiest of schedules (I reached my weight-loss goals with 15min of exercise 5 days a week)
Check The program has prepared everything for you – it even comes with grocery lists and recipes to match.
Check The cheat meal! Not only did my weekly cheat meal motivate me to reach the end of each week, but Dr. Charles also explains why its beneficial for maximum weight-loss.
The Fat Loss Factor Program helped me get that body I always dreamed of. Now I’m happy in my own skin, more confident than before and have never felt better in my life. I will continue to recommend the program to my friends and family because as cliche as it sounds, this really is a life changer.Thanks, Dr. Charles!